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Srečno do naslednje sezone

Zakaj v labirint?

Whay visit our labyrinth?

To get in touch with nature

Getting to know the nature, natural laws and cycles of plants, as well as animals.

Quality spent leisure time

The corn maze provides quality leisure time in nature.

Heartiness and connection

Tasks in the corn maze foster collaboration, connection and heartiness.

Girl with Flower
Orientation and intuition

Researching in adults and children enhances orientation skills, develops intuition, and enhances logical reasoning and autonomy.


Fun, cheerful, relaxed, funny, cool in short...


Give yourself an experience. Breathe the adventurous spirit that smolders into you. Allow yourself to be playful.​


What did you say about us

“Finally something fun for our teens”​​

— Maja Ž.


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