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Koruzni labirint v Mariboru iz zraka

Corn maze Maribor

With you again end of July 2024


Corn maze in Maribor is spread over 4 hectares or 40,000 m2 of cornfield. The length of the route is about three kilometers. ​


There will be 15 orientation stations in the labyrinth, marked with a board and a number, for easier orientation. Each station will have interactive content, either educational or entertaining. Part of the corn maze will once again be unexplored, for those who dare to explore without a map.


This year's theme is ICE AGE. Through the learning journey of the lost CAVEMAN, you will learn about prehistoric times and have immense fun at the same time. ​ It is suitable for adults and children from 4 years old. 


The Corn Labyrinth in Maribor is being created in collaboration with the UM, Faculty of Architecture. Draft plans are prepared by students in the Geodesy course under the mentorship of prof. Kamnik's hand. ​

Answers to the most common questions

How long does it take to visit the maze?

On average, visitors stay in the labyrinth for 1.5 hours. Otherwise, the visit is not limited in time and you organize your own research.

Is a reservation or announcement required?

No, announcements and reservations are not required. You arrive, pick up a map and set off on an adventure.

Are the entrances only at certain times?

No, you can enter at any time, throughout the day (check the opening hours of the maze in question).

Are dogs allowed?

Of course. Dogs are our friends, are't they? A corn maze adventure with a dog can be even more fun.

We recommend that you bring some water and a head covering.

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